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Specializing In Mitzvahs & Weddings

Whether you are planning a high-end mitzvah or wedding,

we are the perfect choice if you want to hire a

creative studio that offers both photo & video services.


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Showstopping Mitzvah Entrance Videos & Photoshoots

Let us help you create a buzz that will be the talk of your party and will leave a lasting impression on your child and guests.

The Ultimate Mitzvah Entrance Video 
The Ultimate Mitzvah Photoshoot

See What Our Clients Say About Us

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Kevin Hart

"I f*****g love everything. These are so dope. U r the f*****g best!!"


Ivanka Trump

"These photos are amazing! I will absolutely treasure this video!! It is so special. Jared and Arabella love it as well. Thank you so much!!"


The Lustbaders

"Insane, epic, love love love & appreciate you! Everyone is blown away. The bar was set astronomically high by the invitation video you created. The posters are incredible! Thank you sooooooo much!!


The Adlers

"I'm blown away! The photos are amazing; love them all. The video is amazing. The album is amazing. TYSM!! Let's get ready for the next one!"


Denia & Rick

"We absolutely LOVE YOU. And couldn't think of having anyone else on our day! Your skills are so DOPE! Classy, elegant and STUNNING! You're the best in the game!"

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  • What Is Your Pricing?
    Our starting price for photography OR videography services in Miami and Palm Beach is $7,500 for mitzvah parties and $10,000 for weddings. The pricing may vary depending on the size of your event, the number of photographers and videographers needed, coverage hours, and travel expenses if your event is located outside Miami or Palm Beach. We can customize a package to fit your needs and budget, whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an intimate affair. It is important to remember that when you are looking for a photographer or a videographer, you should consider your budget and the compatibility of the studio with you and your loved ones. Finding someone who can understand your vision and preferences and connect with you is key. Ultimately, the photographer or videographer you choose should be someone you trust to capture your priceless moments and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Is There A Reason Your Pricing Is Higher Than Other Studios We've Seen?
    Our prices are a reflection of the premium value we provide. We are committed to delivering top-tier photography and videography services. We price our services based on our high skill level, experience, and the inherent value of our work. When you examine other companies closely, you'll find that they often come with extra costs for the necessary components required for exceptional photography and videography. On the other hand, we include everything needed to capture your event perfectly. Although we may not be the least expensive option, we position ourselves comfortably in the mid-range, ensuring fair prices. We take pride in offering the optimal blend of quality and value.
  • Your Studio Produces Exceptional Work, But Is It Truly Worth The Price?
    We firmly believe that the work produced by our studio is exceptional and worth the price, but ultimately the answer lies with you. Our clients and planners love our work and recognize that we surpass our competitors, not just because of our creativity, but also because we capture moments that others often overlook. When it comes to capturing live events such as mitzvahs or weddings, there is no room for error. You only have one chance to capture the moment, if you miss it, it's lost forever. With decades of experience in the industry, we have perfected our skills and know exactly how to get it right. We deeply care about capturing your priceless memories, and our dedication sets us apart from others in the industry. Although we cannot be everywhere or capture every single moment, we take immense pride in our work and are committed to capturing your event with great care and expertise. You may wonder if our services are worth the price, but keep in mind that even though money can be replaced, the missed moments can never be regained.
  • Why Do You Limit The Number Of Mitzvahs And Weddings You Capture Each Year?
    We prioritize quality over quantity. That's why we limit the number of clients we take on each year. This approach allows our dream team of photographers, videographers, and editors, to fully immerse themselves in your unique vision, dedicating their full creative energy to your event. We strive to create a deeply personal and unforgettable story of your special day, captured with artistry, and infused with unique qualities that make it truly yours.
  • Why Choose Suzanne Delawar Studios?
    First, we are the go-to choice if you want to hire a creative studio that offers photography and videography services. Second, we only employ smart people who can make smart decisions at your event. Our people are passionate, take pride in their work, and are obsessed with excellence; they put our customers first and love what they do. We want you to enjoy your event with peace of mind, knowing you're in capable hands. Third, exceptional customer care. Our customers are our top priority, firmly at the forefront of our agenda. We are committed to delivering a customer experience that is smooth and enjoyable at every step of your journey with us.
  • What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Photographer And Videographer From The Same Company?
    Most of us who work in the industry have heard stories of the photographer and videographer not getting along. Photographers and videographers can sometimes butt heads by battling each other for the same angle or sharing limited time. The most common concern we have witnessed is a photographer or videographer from another team obstructing our view and that of your guests by positioning themselves in the aisle. Experience the difference. Unlike some, our experienced photographers and videographers know how to capture your memories without blocking the view for other vendors and your guests. Say goodbye to obstructed views. We prioritize guest experience, ensuring everyone enjoys a clear view of your special moment. We specialize in capturing weddings with discreet positioning, unobtrusive, yet impactful photography and videography, and staying clear of the aisle. We believe in teamwork. While we work well alongside other photographers and videographers outside our studio, there is always a unique energy and extra confidence when we work with our own in-house team. With over a decade of experience working together, we anticipate each other's moves, ensuring a smooth flow and sync. We highly recommend booking photography and videography services from the same company. Booking these two together from our studio might be the best planning decision you ever make.
  • Why Should We Hire A Videographer When We Already Have a Photographer?
    Nothing can take away from beautiful candid moments or your timeless portraits captured by photography. Photos are amazing, but videos bring your story to life. Videography offers unique advantages that static photography cannot fully convey. It's the difference between seeing a moment and experiencing it all over again. Consider this, in the years to come, when you look back on your special day, do you want a mere glimpse from a photo album or an immersive experience? When you press play on your video, you won’t just see your mitzvah or wedding; you’ll relive it. You’ll be able to watch and listen to the sights and sounds of your special day. You’ll hear what you sounded like when you spoke your vows or honored your loved ones at your candle-lighting celebration. You'll see your family having fun and hear their laughter. Imagine hearing your dad's emotional toast or the song that had everyone dancing. Experience the warmth of spoken words and hear the clinking of glasses from loved ones and your reactions to all of them. Video is the only medium that allows you to fully relive your memories, transporting you back into the midst of your celebration. Almost everyone who forgoes hiring a videographer regrets it later. Families echo their remorse after missing out on preserving their irreplaceable moments. Together photography and videography complement each other, filling gaps that one alone cannot bridge. Having both photography and videography at your mitzvah or wedding is essential and the smart thing to do. An event without photography and videography is soon forgotten.
  • Will Suzanne Delawar Be Our Photographer Or Videographer?
    Suzanne Delawar is the principal photographer and videographer and charges a premium fee for her services. However, if Suzanne is unavailable or if you prefer not to pay the premium fee, our team includes skilled photographers and videographers who have been working with us for over a decade.
  • Are You Licensed And Insured?
    Suzanne Delawar Studios is licensed and insured, and we carry a multi-million dollar vendor liability policy.
  • Do You Travel?
    We travel to destinations worldwide.
  • What Is The Estimated Delivery Time for Event Photos and Video?
    Typically, your photos will be ready within one week following your event, and your videos within two to four weeks. The timeframe for delivery depends on the volume of images and video footage captured, as well as the level of creativity involved in editing your video. Should there be delays, we believe in maintaining complete transparency and engagement with you. As we complete each segment of your event, we will share the edited portions with you. This way, you can enjoy the finished parts of your event as we progress with the rest.
  • How Many Photos Will We Receive From Our Event?
    Every event is different, but you can typically expect approximately 1,000 images from an event, with two photographers and eight hours of coverage. The number of images may vary based on factors such as the duration of the event, the number of photographers, and the range of photo-worthy moments stemming from guest interactions and festive happenings.
  • Do We Get High-Resolution Digital Images?
    We are known for our innovative high-quality photos and videos. You will receive an online gallery link where you can view, share, and download your high-resolution digital images and videos.
  • Do You Edit Our Images?
    Your images will be professionally edited to maintain a natural look. For those seeking additional enhancements, we offer specialized services at an added fee: • Skin Retouching: Our editors will refine the appearance of skin, hair, eyes, and teeth. This ensures a polished appearance to make you look your best. • Artistic Edit: Includes meticulous retouching of your image, background transformation, and a vibrant color scheme to create an eye-catching work of art that celebrates you individually or as a couple.
  • How Many Mitzvahs Or Weddings Have You Photographed?
    Over the past two decades, we have worked with hundreds of happy mitzvahs and wedding clients. Our wealth of experience and expertise enable us to create stunning images and breathtakingly beautiful videos for our clients.
  • Can We See An Entire Mitzvah Or Wedding Gallery As A Reference?
    We understand you would like a more in-depth review of our work, specifically an entire gallery from a past event. However, we respect our client's privacy and do not share entire galleries. We recommend contacting your planner and other vendors who have worked with us on multiple events. Their firsthand experiences can provide you with valuable insights and references to help you gain a better understanding of our work. Please feel free to seek their input and ask any questions.
  • Are Our Images Watermarked?
    No, your images will not bear any watermarks.
  • Do We Get The Copyright Of Our Images?
    Our studio includes a print release in your contract, granting you permission to share and print your images. However, it’s important to note that the copyright for any photography or videography we create remains with our studio unless you opt for a work-for-hire contract by paying an additional fee.
  • Can We Also Receive The Raw Unedited Images And Video Footage?
    If you would like to receive the raw unedited images and video footage, they are available for purchase for an additional cost.
  • Do You Provide Us With An Online Gallery?
    Your high-resolution images and videos will be accessible through a password-protected online gallery link where you can view, share, and download them.
  • What Happens If You Are Sick On Our Date?
    In case of illness or an emergency, rest assured that we have backup photographers and videographers from our close-knit team. Our team members have worked together for over a decade and have a proven track record of delivering top-notch results. We invest in the latest gear, professional editing software, and training to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients. Regardless of which team member captures your event, we take pride in our work, and nothing leaves our studio that we are not proud of.
  • Do You Backup Our Photos And Videos?
    While we keep a backup of your photos and videos for a limited time, it’s important to note that we do not permanently archive them. Once you have received your deliverables, we highly recommend creating a backup copy for yourself and storing it responsibly to ensure their safekeeping.
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