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Luxury Wedding Photography in Miami

Suzanne Delawar Studios (“SDS”) purpose is to provide you, our couple, with unsurpassed luxury

wedding photography and videography services and for you to have a fun experience taking pictures and creating a video memory of your wedding day. We want you to shine at your wedding and to have a great time. If you are having a great time, laughing, singing, and dancing with each other along with your friends and family, then your wedding photography and videography will be spectacular. 


One of the keys your SDS wedding photographer and videographer makes use of is our discrete style of photojournalism and candids. Photojournalism is the art of storytelling using the camera to capture beautiful images that visually tell your story. It’s about remembering people and moments; mom, dad, grandparents, family and friends who have come to celebrate and share your big day.

Your SDS luxury wedding photographer and videographer will capture your joyous wedding celebration with unrivaled quality, helping you relive your wedding day memories with photos strong enough to be published.  Our goal is to create the most beautiful wedding photography images and videography footage at the highest resolution available, timeless classics to be enjoyed over and over again by you and your future generations to come. 


We love weddings and we work hard every day to make SDS the world's most trusted brand among couples. We believe that your luxury wedding photography and videography should be breathtakingly beautiful, epic and fun. Trust SDS to deliver the stunning results you will want to have. 

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