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About Suzanne

Suzanne Delawar is widely accepted as one of the nation’s youngest celebrity photographers. Her photographs have been published internationally in magazines and media platforms such as Netflix, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney, People Magazine, Brides Magazine and more.

Winston and Suzanne Delawar, a father-daughter duo, have offices in Miami, Orlando and Palm Beach, serving all of Florida. Our dedicated team of professional wedding photographers and videographers is comprised of the very best talent in the industry.

We LOVE weddings and exist as a company to help couples bring their vision to life in a spectacular way. We believe that your wedding photos and video should be breathtakingly beautiful, epic and fun. We aim to provide unsurpassed photography and videography services with the goal of delivering the BEST possible results to you. Your wedding will be captured in a way that deserves to be featured in top magazines, online articles, or even your local news.

Suzanne has always had an artistic inclination. She started shooting photography shortly after she turned thirteen when she assisted her father at a wedding and she hasn't put the camera down since.  At that first wedding, it was apparent that Suzanne had a natural eye for photography.  Winston began training her and provided her with access to the best photographers and filmmakers to further develop her innate abilities.  As a result, Suzanne incorporates a wide range of styles and talents and has expanded her photography career to include videography.


Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn where he graduated from the City University of New York with an education in art, Winston has always loved people and photography.  He listens to what customers want and delivers in full. Providing more than a mere handshake and a genuine smile, he always puts the client first. 

Suzanne Delawar Studios works hard to be the world's most trusted brand among couples, brilliantly capturing precious memories for you to treasure and keep. Trust their award winning team to turn your dream into reality.

Trust our award winning  team to turn your dream into reality. 
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