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How To Animate Your Photos | For Beginners

This week, I'm doing a highly requested tutorial on how to create my signature animated photos. This technique will take your photos to the next level, bringing them to life in a creative and unique way. Tune in EVERY Thursday at 5pm EST for a live Tutorial/Q&A/Viewer Questions +more! This is your chance, so don't miss it!


THE TUTORIAL (scroll down)

IF YOU WANT TO JUMP AHEAD 1:58 - What is an Animated Photo 3:27 - Picking An Image to Animate 4:18 - Quick Thought About Pricing 5:31 - Creating Your Foreground Layer ( Using Magnetic Lasso Tool ) 7:16 - Cleaning Up Your Image after Cut-Out 7:38 - Editing Your Background Layer ( Using Clone Stamp Tool ) 10:10 - Setting Up Your Project in Premiere Pro 11:33 - Sequence Settings 12:17 - Putting your layers on the Timeline 13:12 - Setting Your Keyframes 16:59 - Fixing Your Background Layer 18:30 - Adding a Sun Flare 21:45 - Adding Music 24:30 - Finishing Up

ALSO, here is a link to a survey I created. I would SUPER appreciate if you filled it out, only 10 QUESTIONS - this helps me create not only NEW content but BETTER content for you.

Thank you!


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26 de set. de 2021

Good blog poost

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