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We're on BRIDES list for Viral Wedding Photos of 2018...TWICE!! (see them here!)

Two of our wedding photos were featured on Brides last week after they went viral earlier this year. Brides put together a list of their top viral wedding photos and we are super honored that they chose 2 of ours!! 🤗

best viral wedding photos of 2018
Brides Feature Best Viral Wedding Photos 2018

The first image is from a wedding we did at The St. Regis Bal Harbour (Miami). Everyone pictured includes the wedding party + the couples parents! It was perfect timing as we released the image just after the Marvel Black Panther Movie came out in theaters. #Trending

The second photo is from a wedding at The St Regis Atlanta. We found out that Zakiyyah and John were die hard Beyonce and Jay-Z fans, so when the night of their wedding, Beyonce released an album called 'Everything Is Love' + a viral song 'Ape Sh*t', we knew we HAD TO do something special for them! So during the reception we posed them outside the ballroom, changed the background to match Beyonce and did some color tweaking on their wardrobe to also match the theme. Next day...VIRAL!!

Couple poses for Everything Is Love Viral Wedding Poster

So if your ready to jump on the next trend with us for your 2019/2020 wedding, give us a call as we love collaborating with our couples on unique ideas such as these!!


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