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Are you married? I need advice...

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

When you read a blog, usually you're reading it to learn something about a question you have. However, in this post, it will be the other way around!

You see, today I went to a workshop hosted by The Knot. They discussed their survey that they do once a year, and expressed to myself and other vendors how to 'read' the survey and interpret it! I must say, I was blown away by some of the points they made! So, just out of curiosity, I decided I wanted to conduct my own little survey and ask YOU some questions on things you did while planning for your wedding.

So don't get excited y'all I don't need marriage advice lol. Just take a scroll down and see if you can answer some of these questions! P.S. If you're newly engaged you can jump in too!

Suzanne Delawar Photo
The Mondrian South Beach

1) How many months did you spend planning your wedding? (The Knot says 12months)

2) Did you plan your wedding on your phone OR computer? (Are you on your phone now?)

3) Did you create a vision board? (aka Mood Board)

4) Did you have a wedding hashtag? (#YayORNay)

5) Do you want your wedding published? (Magazine OR Blog?)

6) When do you expect to see all your wedding photos? (ex: 1 month after the wedding)

7) What word would you use to describe your style of wedding? (ex: fun, romantic)

Excited to see what you have to say! Leave a comment below with your answers so we can check them out!


*Pictured Below are a few friends of mine at the event!*

Anais Ruane: The Knot

Tropics Entertainment

Alan Andai: AA Musicians

Michelle: Catering Director at The Mondrian

Edward Burke: Elite Media Concepts

Anna: Wedding Photographer

Todd: Florist

Edward & Erika Melissa: Videographer & Photographer

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