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An Epic Atlanta Wedding - Beyoncé Style

Featured on BRIDES and BET, Zakiyyah and John's Atlanta wedding consisted of amazing moments to spare!

The couple are big time Beyonce and Jay-Z fans, and the timing couldn't have been better when they released a surprise joint album, Everything Is Love, the day before the wedding!

From recreating an iconic music video scene, to the couple performing a choreographed dance to their favorite Bey and Jay songs, as well as live performances by singer Major, it was definitely a night to remember!

Take a look:

The Iconic "Everything Is Love" Inspired Poster

Major Performs Hit Song "This Is Why I Love You" During Ceremony

The Bride & Her Brother Share An Emotional Dance to Beyonce's "Daddy" Honoring Their Late Father

Singer, Major, Performs His New Song "Better With You In It"

And of course, we can't forget these highlights from Zakiyyah & John's choreographed first dance to their favorite Beyonce & Jay-Z songs!

(See more videos on our YouTube Channel!)

Makeup Artist: Scoobie West & Company

Decor: Andy Beach

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