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How to Have Your Very Own Royal Wedding with SDS!

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Tomorrow is a historic day for the United Kingdom and the United States; a new American Duchess for Britain's Prince Charming. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's whirlwind romance took the world, and the British monarchy, by storm and the couple were happily engaged November 27, 2017. With royal-mania in full swing we thought we'd give you some insights on how to have your own royal wedding in South Florida.

The Engagement Photo Call: Your Royal Introduction

A noble couple will need official engagement photos, at least 6 months in advance, with a traditional feel like Catherine & Prince William or modern glamour like Meghan & Prince Harry. Your guests will need plenty of time to save-the-date and pick out their Suits and gowns.

@suzannedelawarstudios on Instagram
Black and white adds a regal touch to your photos.

The Venue: The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Meghan and Prince Harry are getting married in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle but we have a Miami alternative. The Ancient Spanish Monastery was completed in Northern Spain in 1141 and was originally named 'The Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels'. Seven hundred years later it was dismantled, shipped to the United States, and rebuilt at the cost of 20 million dollars in today's currency! With three chapels, a 20 acre formal garden, and five outdoor spaces to have your ceremony this regal venue will make the perfect backdrop for your royal photos.

@suzannedelawarstudios on Instagram
The Monastery Chapel seats up to 150 guests.

The Ring Shot: Diamonds, Rubies, or Pearls

Whether your ring is imposing like Lady Diana/Catherine or more discreet like Meghan, everyone will want to see that bling! With the classic SDS wedding ring shot you'll have a captivating print to commemorate your engagement and wedding bands.

@suzannedelawarstudios on Instagram
@suzannedelawarstudios on Instagram

The Wedding Photos: Timeless and Lofty

Your wedding photos are for the ages but you'll need to release them quickly! Typically royal wedding photos are released within the week and at SDS we turn around photos by seven days, a rate much quicker than our peers. PLUS, with our onsite editing you have the option of sample wedding photos to show off that same night AND take with you on your honeymoon!

@suzannedelawarstudios on Instagram
Mr and Mrs Dwyane and Gabrielle Wade at the Chateau Artisan in Miami, Florida.

The Wedding Film: High Cinema

The last royal wedding was broadcast to a global audience of billions through television and live streaming, but even with a smaller audience you can still have your wedding shot in 4K or with a drone! With your customized USB cases your wedding film will not only be available for personal use, but perfect for display on your coffee table, desk, or entertainment center.

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