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How to Save Dat Wedding Money like Cardi B!

Cardi B and Offset have shocked the world again with Cardi's announcement that they're already married! Yes, you read that right! The pregnant newlywed announced on her Twitter that she decided to get married one morning last September with 'no dress no makeup and no ring!'

It's sounds like an exceptionally sweet and impromptu moment but what could have happened if she phoned SDS?

Cardi B and Offset

Back in 2016, Suzanne was inspired by Lil Dicky's 'Save Dat Money' to put together a wedding in 24 hours for one lucky couple. Yes… 24 hours!

Bridal dress and tuxedo? No problem, Suzanne called up Rashawn Rose and Mr. Tux of Miami for same-day service. Wedding vows? Lil Dicky himself acted as an Officiant in front a live crowd. Reception party? We got it, the Blue Martini Lounge made sure the couple had a lit party as a souvenir for their wedding festivities!

Check out the video!

So, if you ever feel the impulse to spontaneously get married, call us!

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