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National Loving Day at SDS!

The forbidden, interracial love saga of Mildred and Richard Loving culminated in the historic United States Supreme Court decision of 1967, Loving v. Virginia.

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Being the daughter of an interracial couple, Suzanne and the entire team here at SDS are delighted to celebrate what is now known as “National Loving Day”, on June 12th!

Mildred Jeter, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man were unable to get married in their home state of Virginia so they decided to legally wed in Washington, D.C. and return home. By being a married interracial couple they were still breaking the law and were arrested; a Virginia judge sentenced them to three years in jail or banishment for 25 years. Tragic!

The couple moved back to Washington D.C. and engaged in a nine year legal battle that ended with a Supreme Court decision in their favor.

Today we celebrate the Lovings- and love throughout the nation!

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